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The Anguilla Music Academy (AMA) is a centre of learning that was founded in 2015. It’s primary objective is to educate students in the art of recording, production, mixing and mastering music. Further, the Academy will be a centre of music education where individuals can learn to play a selection of instruments from the beginner to advanced level. The AMA is geared towards the development of the music industry in Anguilla and the region primarily aiming to prepare students to contribute to the music industry on an international level.

The Academy provides an outlet for creativity and development for it’s students, while at the same time elevating Anguilla globally as a musical destination. Promoting the nation’s talent as they seize their craft and hone it into excellence. Major lessons, coaching, and performances are at the heart of the AMA’s education, where students "learn by doing." Progressively sharpening their skills, and enriching their overall musical experience overall musical experience.

We look forward to welcoming everyone, into our institution, whether as a student, parent, audience member or supporter. Your experience will be one that can change your life.

Our Vision : “It’s the vision of the Anguilla Music Academy to be a catalyst in the creation of career ready music producers, engineers and musicians. It is anticipated that the Academy will contribute to its students having a better understanding of the music industry,” - Darius James.

Our History : The Academy was founded by Mr. Darius James who has resided in Anguilla for the past eight years where he is employed as a musician and music producer / engineer. Mr. James has identified the importance of establishing this Academy as a response to the growing interest in music as a career in Anguilla.